Mechanics II


Kinematics of relative motion, kinetics of relative, work and energy, the work principle, the energy conservation principle, kinetic energy, elastic and inelastic impact, the principle of D'Alembert, principle of virtual work for a rigid body, principle of virtual work for a deformable body, Maxwell's principles, total potential energy, principle of work in elastostatics and elastodynamics, principle of Castigliano and Menabrea, stress state in an open, thin-walled cross section, warping, stability definition and stability criteria, load carrying capacity, torsional and lateral buckling of beams.

Information regarding the general organization of the "Mechanics II" exam:

The first part of the exam starts at 8:15 and lasts until 10:00. The second part starts at 10:15 and lasts until 12:00. Each part consists of two examples and provides a maximum of 20 points per part. The overall points will be added and result in the final mark. For the further processing concept paper will be provided. Only writing utensils and a calculator approbated by the ÖH are allowed on the examination site.

The exact examination site will be announced via the seating plan at afternoon. The plan can be accessed on the institute homepage, section "student corner" via the menu option NEWS.