Mechanics IA


Statics: recapitulation of the fundamentals of vector analysis, forces, couples of forces, system of forces, equlibrium, reaction forces and moments, free-body diagram, beams, frames, truss, sticking friction, sliding friction, section forces and section moments. Mass and mass distribution: statical moment, center of gravity, moments of inertia, products of inertia, second moment of area, moment of inertia tensor, principal moment of inertia Statics of deformable bodies: stresses, strains, principal stresses and strains, Mohr's circle, constitutive laws for elastic materials, equivalent stresses; slender beams, bending stresses, bending line, section modulus, torsion of beams with circular cross section, statically indetermined beams and structures.

Information regarding the general organization of the "Mechanics IA" exam:

The exam starts at 8:00 c.t. or 9:00 c.t. with a multiple choice part in a computer lab. The exact examination site will be announced via the seating plan at afternoon before the exam. The plan can be accessed on the institute homepage, section "student corner" via the menu option NEWS. The chosen PC lab will be announced accordingly. Normally, Hilbert Raum (second floor, main building) is used for this purpose. The electronic part of the exam consists out of 12 questions for which exactly 70 minutes are provided. Before the exam officially starts a short introduction to the examination site and the use of the computer interface will be provided. For the further processing concept paper will be provided. Only writing utensils and a calculator approbated by the ÖH are allowed on the examination site. The multiple choice part greatly resembles the self-assessement test, which is available a few days before the real exam is being held. The self assessment test should be regarded as self-evaluation. On the other hand, on the real exam will be questions for which concrete values have to be calculated and determined. After 70 minutes the electronic part of the exam is finished.

After the digital part follows the traditional part. The traditional part is a written exam consisting of two examples similar to the examples accessible via MU online (see lecture notes Mechanics IA).  The location of the second part will be announced one day before the exam at afternoon (see seating plan via NEWS), mostly the Zeichensaal for Markscheidekunde is used as an examination site. For both parts of the exam, classical as well as the multiple choice part, a maximum of 20 points can be acquired. The achieved points of each part are added and result in a complete number of points which leads to the corresponding mark.

Mechanics IA - script:

The documents are provided in the download section of MU online. This section is permanently updated and expanded. Therefore, we recommend downloading the latest version for preparing for exams.

Mechanics IA lecture- video material:

The video sequences of the lecture can be streamed and downloaded via the following link:

Mechanics IA self assessment test:

For registered exam candidates, a self assessment test is approximately provided two days before the registration ends. Therefore, doing the mock exam before the real exam is recommended. The results provide first-hand evidence on how well the students are prepared for the exam.

Preparation for committee observed exams:

For candidates of an observed exam, who require special care and assistance, our department provides an additional revision course (you can see the dates at mu-online via events) as well as a pre-examination. These special units include exam relevant and similar exercises, which will be discussed after some preparation time. We advise students to contact our student assistants for further information and support. The pre-examination will be held a few days before the regular exam. The evaluation of the pre-examination solely functions as a recommendation.