Finite Element Methods - Fundamentals and further applications


Mathematic terms, classical mechanical and industrial plant engineering; Ritz method, Galerkin method, variation of parameters; Finite element basic functions; element stiffness- stiffness matrix and element load vector; total stiffness matrix; construction of finite functions, polymer engineering; refractory materials, mining engineering, Patch tests, numerical integrations; Parametric elements and singular elements.

Information regarding the general organization of the "Finite Element Methods" exam:

The first part of the exam starts at 8:15 and lasts until 10:00. The second part starts at 10:15 and lasts until 12:00. For the first part of the exam there will be one exercise which the students need to solve via calculation. The second part of the exam is the theoretical part. Both parts are graded and evaluated separately via a percentage of correct answers/points. The average of both parts leads to a first mark; but the final mark is determined in an oral exam a few days after the written examinations! For further processing concept paper will be provided. Only writing utensils and a calculator approbated by the ÖH are allowed on the examination site.

The exact examination site will be announced via the seating plan at afternoon. The plan can be accessed on the institute homepage, section "student corner" via the menu option NEWS.