Inspection of examination records and right to access exams

The right to access exams can solely be granted during office hours.

Information regarding the registration and de-registration for "written exams"

Because of organizational matters, it is not possible to register or cancel applications for exams after the time of application is over. Only by providing a medical certificate there will be no penalty (ban of eight weeks; during this time the students cannot enter or apply for another exam of the same character and need to wait for the exam ban to be nullified). Not attending an exam is not counted as an examination entry and will not result in a bad mark (does not account for courses with required attendance).

Information regarding "oral exams"

If necessary, a candidate can be invited to an oral exam even after taking written exams in the same subject. The total duration of an oral exam is about 30 minutes. The tested material is the complete lecture content but in form of examples which are to be solved on the blackboard or additional theory questions.